Revealed: Why You Need a Virtual Private Network (Specially in 2024)

A VPN (Virtual Private Network)  encrypts all the data passes from your device to the internet and makes you anonymous on the web. It creates benefits for both the private and business users. If you are traveling with your laptop computer, mobile or tablet and using the internet on it, then a VPN can become an essential and useful facility.

As the cyber attacks are increased with the use of the net facility, both the US and international intelligence agencies have started to gain full control over the cyberspace and thus your digital presence is not secured. A good VPN service helps to hide your digital identity as you use the internet by encrypting your information and creating a virtual IP address from the server you have selected of the desired country. So, if somebody keeps an eye on your digital data, only the virtual IP is the thing they can see, not anything more than that. (However, some intelligent VPNs pass over your data to the government agencies happily.) You need to choose a suitable VPN service from a list of different service providers according to your purpose of usage and your budget.

Even though you are accessing a public network, a VPN connects two computers privately and securely. A VPN client and a VPN server are connected through the service and all the information that passes between them is encrypted, so no one can see what data is exchanged between these two computers or devices.

You can extend your private network using a VPN service. For example, if you are living in New York and you want to surf the web from having a virtual location in London, then you can easily do this by using a VPN. Every person who wants to protect his/her privacy and digital security should start using a VPN service. If your ISP (Internet Service Provider) detects certain activities, then they can restrict your bandwidth and internet usage. Choose your VPN service provider by understanding all the criteria and terms mentioned on their website. When you visit some particular website, then the host site gets your location, IP address, OS and browser, your screen resolution, ISP, and more. A VPN helps you to protect your information from the host website by hiding your data and making it encrypted.

There are free as well as paid VPNs are available. But we recommend that you should use the service of a paid VPN provider to have full protection on the web and avoid having your data stolen or sold to others. Check out our Top 5 Best VPN and chose the right service provider for you.

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