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PureVPN is one of the oldest and most well-respected VPN companies in the industry having launched their anonymous service in 2006. Unlike many other VPN providers who are based in the US and Europe, PureVPN is based in Hong Kong, a country known for protecting user privacy against international court subpoenas. The company claims to have the largest global reach, allowing the unblocking of any service or website on the internet… read on to see what our experience with PueVPN has uncovered:

VPN Servers

One of the first rating criteria we look into when assessing a VPN provider is the server infrastructure they offer users, as having access to a larger VPN server network allows the following:

  • A wider variety of content unblocking (e.g. global Netflix access)
  • Faster connection speeds due to non-overcrowding of servers
  • Lower latency so connection paths are stable.

Having spent 3 months as users of PureVPN, we can confidently claim that their server network is one of the largest and most reliable we’ve seen. PureVPN doesn’t have as many countries as NordVPN!, nonetheless it is still a good vpn. This is a provider who has managed to unblock all of our tested services and websites.


As mentioned in previous sections, connection speed is likely to utilize 80-90% of your default connection. For example, we achieved 36mbit download on our 40mbit home internet connection. Of course this depends on what server location you connect to, but overall we never saw connections running at anything less than 80% of their full capacity.

Installation & Configuration

PureVPN VPN service supports; Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android and Blackberries. When tested we found desktop clients were stable and very easy to use. We were able to load up the client, connect and leave it running in the background while maintaining stable, encrypted internet connection through the VPN client. There are a handful of advanced features that you can gradually uncover once you feel ready for maximizing the true potential of using a VPN service.


Pricing here is important because the VPN industry operates on a standard. As a subscription service, you can make huge savings (up to 56%) by paying more upfront. PureVPN plans are as follows:

  • $2.87 per month if you sign up for the 2-year plan,
  • $4.91 per month if you sign up for the 1 year plan
  • $10.95 per month if you pay every month as you go.

Customer Service

Their customer service operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Those who use a VPN service understand issues can come up any time of the day. The advantage here is that PureVPN international support team not only answer email requests within 20 minutes but their live chat connect you to their support team instantly, a service I personally made use of and had all my issues resolved within a few minutes.


We were thoroughly impressed with PureVPN’s quality of VPN service. They have managed to build a premium VPN network while offering one of the lowest subscription fees in the industry.



Starts from $2.87/month












  • Stable Connections
  • Can pay with Bitcoin (and other crypto)
  • Great Speed
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • Kill Switch


  • Some Connection Logs
  • DNS leaks

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    Good VPN, keeps some logs, good speed with IKEv2 a bit unstable on android and linux.


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