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The company was founded in 2011 and has headquarters in Toronto, Canada. A TunnelBear review will frequently note that this software is available around the world, with only occasional blockages in China. The company focuses on making their product as accessible as possible while being simple to use so there are no complications.

TunnelBear focuses on providing security for users rather than providing more software features. The download is readily available from their main page to help users get started.

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VPN Servers

The company specifies several networks on their main VPN page.

•    United States
•    United Kingdom
•    Canada
•    Germany
•    Japan
•    Australia
•    France
•    Netherlands


You can check your speed with TunnelBear every time you start a session or switch to another server.

•    A full list of speeds that can be expected within each server network is available on the FAQ page of the TunnelBear website.

•    Users generally report that the US and UK servers perform at a minimum of 75-85 percent of the expected performance speed.

Some buffering has been reported when using TunnelBear but this has generally been minimal.

Devices/Operating Systems

There are mobile and desktop versions of TunnelBear software made available to customers. The VPN can run on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux.

Paid subscriptions will give customers access to both the desktop and mobile version of the VPN to use, on up to three devices.



TunnelBear partially keeps logs, but not of what you are browsing.

•    They keep some minimal logs such as IP address and DNS queries and other metadata.

•    Those that download the free version of the software do not need to provide any identification details to use the program.

Generally people are happy with the level of security and anonymity that TunnelBear provides. While they are not specific about their privacy policy it is implied that they do not like to make an excessively complicated setup for their customers.

Privacy Policy

Information collected from TunnelBear users includes:

•    User name
•    Email
•    Password
•    Overall number of times connected

A consent notice will be sent any time personal data is collected from customers. However, no information is stored in conjunction with an IP address of a user.  According to them, no information given to TunnelBear is ever shared with third party sources.


Prices and Packages of TunnelBear

There are three packages available from TunnelBear.

•    Little- This free download offers 500mb of data every month. Those that participate in a running Twitter promotion can get an extra 1 GB.

•    Giant- For $4.99 you can get unlimited tunneling on your computer and two additional mobile devices.

•    Grizzly- For an annual payment of $49 get all of the services of the giant package in a 17 percent discount.

Mobile only pricing is also available upon request.

Money Back Guarantee

Instead of offering a money back guarantee, TunnelBear offers the most basic service package, the Little TunnelBear, as a free download. Those that wish to invest in a larger package can do so at any time by clicking the “upgrade” button.


TunnelBear offers several major payment options for customers.

•    MasterCard
•    Visa
•    American Express
•    PayPal


TunnelBear uses social media as one of the mediums for customer service.

•    Twitter or Facebook are used to let customers know about planned maintenance and outages.

•    An FAQ and basic information about how to use the service is available in the support section of the website.

•    Email queries are accepted but no phone calls are taken for support questions and no live chat.

Some customers have complained that the response time to email questions is poor, but there does not seem to be any indication that these questions go unanswered.

Summary about TunnelBear

Overall, this TunnelBear review is positive, with this VPN scoring high for those that are looking for a basic service that is easy to use.

•    All you need to do is download and turn the TunnelBear software on. There are no complicated gimmicks involved. If you like the service, simply click to upgrade.

•    Pricing is reasonable and you are given access to a variety of choices for servers so you can maximize your performance.

Our one complaint is that the TunnelBear website might be a little too basic. The information provided is more silly and fun than truly informative. However, the software is not difficult to use and the FAQ section does cover almost all of the details that individuals would need to know before using the product.


Free, Paid Plans Start at $4.99












  • Free Trial Version
  • Five Simultaneous connections
  • KillSwitch Feature
  • Good Connection Speeds
  • Good Encryption


  • Netflix not working
  • Torrenting Not Allowed
  • Support Only By Tickets
  • Partially Keeps Logs

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