How To Watch US TV Abroad as An Expat?

Living abroad is often an experience that many can only dream of enjoying. But, there are certain drawbacks to immersing oneself in another culture – one of them being a disconnection from the media and television outlets that were once so easily accessible. Many expatriates that are living abroad do so due to career decisions or educational opportunities. And, if they find themselves in a country that takes web-censorship to an extreme, they may quickly learn that some of their favorite sites are banned from national access. This can create an even greater divide from their country of origin, and prevent them from staying up-to-date on current events occurring back home in the United States.

While all of this can be a frustrating situation for expats, it does not mean that an international television source is required. Instead, users can access US television stations via the internet. The problem that arises hinges on the fact that US television broadcasts can only be accessed from US IP addresses.

Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, can allow international expats to access a US-based IP address, granting them access to the television stations (and shows) that they are interested in. This can be very important when attempting to remain current on local and regional news stories or follow national events, such as a presidential election.

When using a VPN, a user can simply access the internet through any public or private access point, log-on to the VPN provider’s network, and visit the sites that are streaming the broadcasts that they wish to view. The service adds an incredible convenience to those living abroad, and can be the difference between isolated feelings and staying in touch with the events occurring in the US.

In addition to the ability to enjoy US television broadcasts, VPN users can ensure that personal information is kept under wraps due to advanced encryption and circumvent any “block” in place by a nation’s government. The banning of IP addresses has become commonplace across the globe, and expatriates often learn quickly that the same websites they frequented are off-limits when within another country’s borders. Using a VPN allows the individual to avoid any blockages and gain uninhibited access to the US television shows and websites that they wish to utilize. Cost-effective and incredibly useful, VPN services are essential to anyone living overseas.

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